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The NBA is working hard these past several years to gain a presence around the world. Soon it will be more than just the world watching the NBA in America. Get used to NBA Europe.

I think it is great that the NBA is looking to expand outside of North America. The word from the NBA is that an actual division of the NBA League will be housed in several European Cities. I am curious to see how the logistics will be worked out.

I would assume there would be an additional one or two divisions, that would compete during the regular NBA season, as part of the actual NBA. Say teams in Spain, France, England, Germany, maybe even further East. These teams would play one another, and maybe travel for extended road trips to the States, while the American teams would visit Europe once or twice a year so the European teams could have home games.

The other option would be separate divisions, American and European, that would not play one another until a kind of World NBA Finals, where the winner of America would play the winner of NBA Europe. This would draw huge interest in Europe, where basketball is extremely popular. I am sure it would be a hit in America as well.

There are many players from around the world enjoying success in the NBA, and this is the next, logical step in expanding the NBA past the American continent. I think the rivalries in the European countries would be exciting to see, like soccer without the soccer.

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